Sunday, 8 September 2013

New blog on the block (what?)

I must admit that I am guilty for not starting a blog much earlier. I must have started writing a blog on EPM a long time ago. I had both time and desire to do so especially when I was frantically posting replies to OTN Planning forums. Had I spent half of the time I spent posting messages to the forum on posting blogs, I would have had a pretty decent library of best practices, tips and tricks. Not that I know so much about Hyperion, Oracle EPM and everything around it of course, I learnt so much reading others' posts and blogs if I put half of the information I collected from here and there into a blog in an organized manner, that would have been quite a decent reference for myself and I wouldn't have been happier if it helped others. There are number of people out there doing so. You already know them: John Goodwin, Celvin Kattookaran, Gary Crisci, Cameron Lackpour and Glenn Schwartzberg are just a few of those I followed all these years. Having mentioned all due credits, here I am, much later than I should have, I started writing this blog. I chose the title for this blog EPM Universe and to my fortune it was available. 

Why EPM Universe? Well, Universe is big right, so is EPM. 

Finally, my manifesto for this blog: "To infinity and beyond!"


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